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Doctor Strange(2016)

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After his career is destroyed, a brilliant but arrogant surgeon gets a new lease on life when a sorcerer takes him under her wing and trains him to defend the world against evil.

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Well , what to say , hmmm , firstly a good acting , good story line , great action , great special effects and funny in the right moments . In fact I enjoyed it that much I'll watch it again . Apart from the American accent, Cumberbatch is a funny and serious actor in one , fast becoming a master ( Dr Who next ?? )
This time the blue ray did not let the movie down , excellent quality video , sound track spot on and no distortion. . Which make a Big change , most I have seen are not worth the money , but this one is . . .

L. D. Holden:
Did not know anything about this movie before watching it. It's story is a bit like the Matrix and the last airbender combined. It's quite spiritual with some amazing but cartoon styled special effects, that can at times blow your mind, however some are similar the the film Contact which is quite old nowadays. The bit that was done well was Dr Stranges injury and the effects of nerve damage, which having had similar damages to my own hand I could reflect on his physical and mental issues. Both the picture and and the sound on the Blu-ray are excellent.

jacqui weir:

Fantastic film - I loved it! The special effects were fantastic and the storyline was very clever (about other dimensions and manipulating time - sounds complicated but it isn't once you get into the film.) I didn't rate Benedict Cumberbatch before this film but he is brilliant in this and every inch a superhero! It has comic elements to the film to but it would spoil it if I told you. A must watch film - all my family and friends love it - great escapism.

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