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Young Aladdin embarks on a magical adventure after finding a lamp that releases a wisecracking genie.

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I got this to have Aladdin and King of Thieves and The Return of Jafar on Blu-ray, it was cheaper and easier to purchase new weirdly buying the 3 movie collection. Now I have a spare Aladdin :)
Aladdin is a fantastic Disney movie, the sequels personally aren’t my favourite (I got for collecting not interest), but I love having a complete set at such a good price.

A huge success when it was first released Aladdin has lost none of its fun. This really is the ultimate family movie. The animation mixes tradional drawn art with the odd bit of cgi wizadry, and this new remaster looks amazing.

The story is inspired by that of the short story from one thousand and one nights (as told by Scheherazade). Its obviously had a few adaptations, and most are familiar with the tale. Here it gets the full Disney treatment. That means big bold characters, evil villians, comedy, romance, redemption and of course some epic songs. The star of the show here is the magnificent Robin Williams who voices the genie. His wacky voices, great comic timing and heart-felt delivery really makes this film.

To me Aladdin is one of the greatest of Disney’s films. Its certainly up there with the Lion King and The Jungle Book. If you want a Disney film that ticks all the boxes then this is it.

This is an old film so if you're looking to buy it it's for one of 3 reasons:

1) you were born in the early 80's and remember this as a child.
2) you're a Disney freak and are trying to catch them all like Pokemon.
3) you are a Robin Williams fan.

In any case buy this film, release the inner child and enjoy what is arguably one of the best Disney films ever made.

Funny, clever, well directed, well voiced, with good songs and a good story (plus arguably one of the best Disney villains) it's a great Sunday afternoon film. What's even better is kids of today seem to love it as much as the kids of the early 90's when it was released.

The Blu-Ray version is good they've done a great job upscaling it and the soundtrack sounds great too.

A great dose of nostalgia.

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