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The Dark Crystal(1982)

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On another planet in the distant past, a Gelfling embarks on a quest to find the missing shard of a magical crystal and restore order to his world, before the grotesque race of Skeksis find and use the crystal for evil.

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MA Kinsella:
Wonderful viewing experience, I have always loved this film, I have watched it many times since childhood. The Blu-ray is a great upgrade from the old video formats, you can see lots more details and colours. I really enjoyed watching the film in 4K, it enhanced the nostalgic pleasure of watching The Dark Crystal ( for the umpteenth time!). Also a few special features are a nice bonus.

Snooze You Loose:
Amazing movie that I watched religiously when I was a child. kids these days will probably find it very scared of the skeksis and their soldier beetles. This movie is a huge influence on the art that I draw to this very day....30 years later. the mystics are covered in swirly Celtic like patterns that I use as a general filler in. I only noticed that when I went back to watch it and was astounded when I discovered this.

The story is way outside the box and is nothing like you will be used to these days. This is old school story telling at its best and the entire movie is done using puppets. It is strange to see how much I have actually bonded with this movie as an adult just by watching it when I was a kid. The two main characters are extremely likable and you want them to make it. the Skeksis are nasty, disgusting dark scrawny vulture type creatures that desire nothing but power.

This movie is one that you will never forget.

Kindle Customer:
This is a classic of a film. Jim Henson at his best. A very clever mix of puppets, with actors controlling life size figures. The effects are ok for the time when the film was made. It gives the Thunderbirds tv series a run for being the best puppet program.
The story is about a Gelfling, a fantasy creature that looks like a small elf, by the name of Jen. He believes he is the last of his kind. He goes on a quest to find a shard of the Dark Crystal so he can rejoin it to the crystal and repair the world. On route he encounters a series of strange characters. Including another Gelfling called Kira. The story is written for older children, but also works for adults as it is not too childish.
All in all I recommend this to anyone interested in fantasy movies or books.

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