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The Orville(2017)

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Follows the crew of the not-so-functional exploratory ship in the Earth's interstellar fleet, 400 years in the future.

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Lemon Face:
If you try this show give it at least 3 episodes to get in to it. After watching the first episode of season one my initial impression was a rather juvenile comedy but I thankfully continued with it and discovered a real gem of a show.
The Orville is genuinely funny, at times brilliantly so, but it also has some very clever stories, great acting and all of the characters involved have flaws and problems and seem three dimensional. The ship and the special effects are very good too. I consider myself an addict now and I am glad to see the Orville is flourishing. Brilliant Sci-Fi show.

 M Fuller:
The best Sci fi series on television. The only downside is that Amazon don't get the latest episodes uploaded soon enough. Thoroughly recommended.

 Claire Graf:
I love it. It's maybe the greatest Star Trek series ever because it is Gene Roddenberry's version but it doesn't show the top 10 best humans earth has to offer, it shows us what the average person could be in Roddenberry's universe. It's Star Trek The Next Generation plus beer and d*ck jokes.
It does what Star Trek always did: have a conversation about really difficult challenging topics, show us that humanity could be better and grow up and at the same time it shows us people that are way more human than the average Starfleet personal. They drink, watch *cough* adult content on the holodeck, gossip, play pranks and screw up.

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