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The Wonderful Adventures of Nils(1980)

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The Wonderful Adventures of Nils is an anime adaptation of the novel The Wonderful Adventures of Nils by the Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf. The 52 episode series ran on the Japanese network NHK from January 1980 to March 1981. The series was the very first production by Studio Pierrot. The anime was mostly fairly true to the original, apart from the appearance of Nils' pet hamster, and the greater role allowed to the fox Smirre. The music was written by Czech composer Karel Svoboda. The anime was also broadcast in Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Iceland Belgium, Greece, Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, in the Arab World, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Hong Kong, Mainland China, South Africa, and Albania, but in some countries it was cut to allow for commercials. In Germany, the animated series episodes were also combined into one full feature animated movie in 1981; the same release has also been dubbed and released in Estonia on DVD and VHS.

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Seasons & Episodes

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Season 1 : 1980 52 Episodes

EP1 Mischevious Nils Jan 08, 1980

EP2 Shrunken Nils Jan 15, 1980

EP3 Riding a goose Jan 22, 1980

EP4 SOS of the forest squirrels Jan 29, 1980

EP5 Morten's big pinch Feb 05, 1980

EP6 Bird strength contest Feb 12, 1980

EP7 Battle of the mice Feb 26, 1980

EP8 The crane's ball Mar 04, 1980

EP9 Hungry Nils Aug 11, 1980

EP10 Rex`s Evil Scheme Aug 11, 1980

EP11 Walking lead statue Aug 11, 1980

EP12 Morten's first love Aug 11, 1980

EP13 Goats of Hell's valley Aug 11, 1980

EP14 Phantom town appearing on moonlit nights Aug 11, 1980

EP15 The greedy crow and the coin bowl Aug 11, 1980

EP16 Choose a crow boss Aug 11, 1980

EP17 Ransomed duck child Aug 11, 1980

EP18 The lake disappears Aug 11, 1980

EP19 Snake's revenge Aug 11, 1980

EP20 A testy witch's prank Aug 11, 1980

EP21 Episode 21 Aug 11, 1980

EP22 Bear twins who prowl the forest Aug 11, 1980

EP23 One stormy day Aug 11, 1980

EP24 Operation Damn Watchdog Rex Aug 11, 1980

EP25 Rescue party from the sky Aug 11, 1980

EP26 Episode 26 Aug 11, 1980

EP27 Episode 27 Aug 11, 1980

EP28 Nils singing on a streetcorner Aug 11, 1980

EP29 Arrested eagle Aug 11, 1980

EP30 The taste of freshly baked bread Aug 11, 1980

EP31 Monster of the forest Aug 11, 1980

EP32 Look out, Nils: A mountain fire Aug 11, 1980

EP33 Patrol of five Aug 11, 1980

EP34 Battle of the spirits of sun and ice Aug 11, 1980

EP35 Goose guard child looking for his father Aug 11, 1980

EP36 Don't follow me, Golgo Aug 11, 1980

EP37 Morten the rookie papa Aug 11, 1980

EP38 Lapland, land where the sun never sets Aug 11, 1980

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