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Once Upon a Time... Life(1987)

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Il était une fois... la vie is a French animated television series which tells the story of the human body for children. The program was originally produced in France in 1987 by Procidis and directed by Albert Barillé. The series consists of 26 episodes and originally was aired on the French channel Canal+, and then on the state owned channel FR3. It is the third part of the Once Upon a Time... series. Once Upon a Time... Life reintroduced the edutainment formula that had been left out on Once Upon a Time... Space. The series combined entertaining storylines with factual information, presented metaphorically. The series Once Upon a Time... Life used the same characters from the other Once Upon a Time... seasons: the good characters represent the cells that make up the body's systems and defense mechanisms, such as red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, while the bad characters represent the viruses and bacteria that threaten to attack the human body. Every episode of the series featured a different organ or system within the human body. In the French-language version of the series, the opening theme song "la Vie" was performed by Sandra Kim, the winner of the 1986 Eurovision contest.

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Seasons & Episodes

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Season 1 : 1987 26 Episodes

EP1 The Cell Planet Jun 17, 1987

EP2 Birth Jun 18, 1987

EP3 The Body Sentinels Jun 19, 1987

EP4 The Bone Marrow Jun 20, 1987

EP5 The Blood Jun 21, 1987

EP6 The Tiny Platelets Jun 22, 1987

EP7 The Heart Jun 23, 1987

EP8 Breathing Jun 24, 1987

EP9 The Brain Jun 25, 1987

EP10 The Neurones Jun 26, 1987

EP11 The Eye Jun 27, 1987

EP12 The Ear Jun 28, 1987

EP13 The Skin Jun 29, 1987

EP14 The Mouth and the Teeth Jun 30, 1987

EP15 The Digestion Jul 01, 1987

EP16 The Liver Factory Jul 02, 1987

EP17 The Kidneys Jul 03, 1987

EP18 The Lymphatic System Jul 04, 1987

EP19 The Bones and the Skeleton Jul 05, 1987

EP20 The Muscles and the Fat Jul 06, 1987

EP21 Toxin Wars Jul 07, 1987

EP22 The Vaccination Jul 08, 1987

EP23 The Hormones Jul 09, 1987

EP24 Episode 24 Jul 10, 1987

EP25 Repairs and Changes Jul 11, 1987

EP26 And life goes on... Jul 12, 1987

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