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White Album(2009)

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Season 2 : 2009 13 Episodes

EP1 There was never an instance where the tuning matched. I have come to think that there exists a better spot out there. Oct 02, 2009

EP2 The things hidden from view are destroying everything around it. Since it was never there, nothing can be done to deal with it. Oct 09, 2009

EP3 I do writhe in embarrassment when I reminisce my childhood. Moreover so if I make comparisons. Oct 16, 2009

EP4 I have lies that I want to expose. I have truths that I do not wish to believe. I have one of these each. Oct 23, 2009

EP5 Aren't you taking too much for granted? Complaining that you are claustrophobic while you are hiding in your own shell. Oct 30, 2009

EP6 I move on as I am losing interest. Most of the time though, I seem to have already lost interest before I move on. Nov 06, 2009

EP7 Love is beyond reason. Lovers who say this to one another are poets, critics, philosophers. Nov 13, 2009

EP8 I think I want to return to the crossroad. Would have been better if I had chosen the right one. That journey filled only with regret. Nov 20, 2009

EP9 Having troubles expressing yourself? Try to strike a conversation with your eyes and you'll soon find yourself in the mood for a chat. Nov 27, 2009

EP10 I have come to desire catching a cold in anticipation of the nursing and the home-cooked dishes. I didn't include the later part suffering in my imagination at all. Dec 04, 2009

EP11 Nightfall did not bring about anything at all. It was the fault of the sun that the colors faded. Dec 11, 2009

EP12 It's the fault of others. I'm not at fault. All the fault lies in others. Only I myself am― Dec 18, 2009

EP13 We were sitting together all night long, not even being able to move a single inch. Dec 25, 2009

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