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Bear in the Big Blue House(1997)

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Bear in the Big Blue House is a television program for adults and children produced for the Playhouse Disney channel by Mitchell Kriegman and The Jim Henson Company. It first aired in 1997. In 2004, The Jim Henson Company sold the Bear in the Big Blue House franchise to The Walt Disney Company. The characters and show are currently owned and operated by the Disney subsidiary, The Muppets Studio.

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Season 4 : 2002 26 Episodes

EP13 Great Ball of Firefighters Jan 01, 0001

EP22 A Trip to the General Store Jan 01, 0001

On a nice day, Bear decides to make a trip to the General Store to pick up some things he needs. Hearing that he's going to the store, everyone in the Big Blue House asks if they can come too, and Bear agrees. They ask him just how the whole process of buying things and getting money works, so he tells them all about how to earn money and how clams are used as currency in Woodland Valley. Bear wants to get going to the store, but instead they all split up to find ways to earn money. Finally, they all get going to the store. But something happens at the store that teaches them another lesson entirely. Also, Bear spends some time with Shadow at the store, and she tells him a story about a turtle who saved money. Songs General Store Notes To make money, Ojo, Treelo and Tutter create a lemonade stand. Sales are slow, but they sell Bear cookies and lemonade for a total of four clams. The lemonade was made with salt instead of sugar and Bear gets a horrified look on his face after he gulps down an entire pitcher full. Pip and Pop make money by gathering clams, which they sell to Lois, who says that she'll make jewelry out of them. They receive two Woodland Valley clams for their sale. Two rabbit characters are introduced in this episode --- a little boy named Billy and his mother Bonnie. Their home was flooded in the storm that wrecked the library in " Welcome to Woodland Valley." Jeremiah Tortoise is the sole proprietor of the Woodland Valley General Store. Goofs and Nitpicks In this episode, the characters all use a form of currency unique to Woodland Valley --- clams. However, in "The Yard Sale," they all used dollars and cents.
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EP23 Tutter's First Big Sleepover Bash Jan 01, 0001

While Treelo, Pip and Pop are staying at Otto and Etta's, Tutter holds a sleepover for all classmates at school at the Big Blue House, with Ojo joining in as well. The mice are astounded by the size of the house and everything in it, but Bear does his best to assure them that they'll be well taken care of. He suggests that they think of it as their "home away from home." They decide to play a game called "parmcheesy" and Ojo's worried because it sounds like a game only for mice, but Tutter assures her it wouldn't be a party without her. When it comes time for bed, Keisha wants to call her parents and soon all the other mice do too. As for Tutter, he's a bit worried what the mice will think of his stuffed toy, Kitty, but Bear shows him that they all have their own stuffed toys. As they settle in to sleep, Luke is first uncomfortable with his pillow and then wants to hear a lullaby. Shadow appears to sing her special lullaby, but Luke misses the one sung by his parents and wants to go home. Songs Come on In Home Away from Home Shadow's Lullaby Notes Bear discovers the unique difficulties of feeding a large group of mice in "Tutter's First Big Sleepover Bash." He first puts out a cheese platter, but is surprised when the contents vanish before his eyes. Tutter tells him that they "warmed up on that" and Luke indicates that they're waiting for a more substantial snack. So Bear makes baked Brie for them. Performers Noel MacNeal as Bear and Moss Peter Linz as Tutter Vicki Eibner as Ojo Anney McKilligan as Rita Tara Mooney as Shadow (voice) Lynne Thigpen as Luna (voice)
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