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Black Lagoon(2006)

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Black Lagoon is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe. It has been published in Shogakukan's Monthly Sunday Gene-X since 2002, and nine collected volumes have been released so far. It was later adapted into an anime television series, by Madhouse, that aired from April to June 2006 for twelve episodes. A second season, subtitled "The Second Barrage", ran for twelve weeks starting on October 2, 2006. A five volume original video animation series, titled Roberta's Blood Trail, was released from July 2010 to June 2011. Viz Media began releasing an English translation of the manga in North America on August 12, 2008. Madman Entertainment licensed the anime in Australasia and the United Kingdom. The anime was dubbed and originally licensed in English by Geneon Entertainment, now licensed by Funimation Entertainment, in North America. Funimation later licensed the OVA, which also was licensed by Kazé in the UK, for release in Spring 2013.

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Season 3 : 2010 5 Episodes

EP3 Angels in the Crosshairs Jan 07, 2011
Rock and Revy finally get enough information to find Roberta. They drive to the place where they think Roberta will start the war. Meanwhile, Revy calls Shenhua (the Taiwanese assassin), and asks for backup in return of money. They reach the war zone a bit late, since Roberta has already started the war. Rock gives a letter to Garcia, and asks him to "open it when you can't figure out what to do next." Roberta, as well as Revy, Shenhua, Sawyer, and Lotton the Wizard kill enemies one after another. Meanwhile, Rock receives a phone call from Mr. Chang, asking him to close up the fight before it's too late. He says that Garcia and the maid are pawns on a chessboard, whose sacrifice is necessary for a checkmate. Rock refuses to do so, and Chang hangs up. In a confrontation, Garcia gets separated from the others, and takes cover behind some crates. Roberta passes by, and drops something, which is picked up by Garcia. It is revealed that Roberta is under the influence of some "central nervous system stimulant," given to her by Doctor Hartland. The bottle says it's Ritalin. Roberta continues killing by various martial-art kicks and punches, but she is beaten severely by a commander of the Cuban Special Naval Missions Formation, who admits to "know every single move she knows." He reveals that he does not want to kill Roberta; instead, he wants to employ her to his advantage. Roberta deceives and kills him by shooting and punching his face, while Garcia is watching him. Garcia shouts and asks her to stop, and then collapses. Roberta comes to her senses for a moment, and tries to help Garcia. However, being under drug influence, she suddenly feels that Garcia is just an illusion, and tries to kill this illusion by shooting it. A shot is heard, followed by repeated gunshots. At first, it seems that Roberta has shot Garcia, but Burrows (a member of the US Army) radios and reveals that "Sergent Major Horner secured a boy."
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EP4 Oversaturation Kill Box Mar 11, 2011
Rock has anticipated most of the action so far, but is waiting for a final piece to fall into place. Roberta runs into Revy's group. Fabiola tries to confront her, but Roberta is in a daze. She leaves and Revy's group chases after her. Garcia realizes that the soldiers who have taken him were the group that killed his father and drove Roberta to her present state. He tries to shoot the captain with a gun he found in an alleyway but is tackled. The captain of the US troops offers his gun to Garcia, saying he has the right to take revenge. At this point, Balalaika intervenes, telling the US troops over the radio that Roberta is right above them. Balalaika's group fires on Roberta from the roof of the opposite building. Roberta gets away. Revy's group tries to continue to chase Roberta, but is stopped from ambushing the US troops by Balalaika's group. Revy is injured in the process. Garcia opens the envelope Rock had given him earlier. It has instructions to bring the US troops to an extraction point. Eda arrives at Rock's car, revealing that she had sold him a large amount of supplies, and tells Rock that he's going to have to call the missing piece himself. The missing piece in Rock's plan is Dutch, who must agree to take a job. Rock calls Dutch, smoothing things over; Dutch then gets a call from Mr. Chang, asking him to ferry the troops out of the city. Balalaika continues to escort the troops, shooting Roberta with machine gun fire and RPGs as Balalaika talks the US captain on the radio. It is revealed that Balalaika was discharged after being caught by the international media helping a child refugee. The troops make it to Dutch and Benny, along with Rock, Revy, Garcia, and Fabiola. Benny reveals that they are heading up a river to the "Golden Triangle," a place where Thailand, Burma, and Laos share a border. Fabiola and Revy get into a squabble. Rock is surprised to find that Garcia is carrying a gun, and tells Garcia that he requires more of his help. Roberta is shown boarding a plane where she is greeted by a familiar looking blonde woman. Roberta accepts the woman's help, saying that she'll kill her painlessly after finishing her current chase.
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EP5 Codename Paradise, Status MIA Jun 22, 2011
Rock explained the rest of his scheme to Garcia. Garcia agrees later stating to Fabiola that though the japanese man(Rock) might be manipulating him he will follow his plans if it helps Garcia achieve his goal. He tells Fabiola that he will save Roberta and plans to be by her side forever. Meanwhile, Fabiola's conversation with Revy left her remembering the physical and sexual abuse she had suffered as a youngster, and when she killed her abusive father. The Lagoon Company took Garcia, Fabiola and the US military group, led by Lt. Shane, to the Golden Triangle. In the jungle at night, the troops discovered a large number of scattered bars stuck into the ground. As they and Roberta hunted each other, she used an antique musket to fire bars at the troops; the attack could penetrate their armor. However, her style of fighting had become very inefficient and she was eventually heavily wounded. Upon daylight, Rock told Revy about his plan: the Opium Army would arrive soon, but the battle would be decided by then. He spoke of how Mr. Chan had let him go and Balalaika had let Roberta go. Chan didn't just want to hide Roanapur from the rest of the world, but also destroy the US military investigation (represented by the troops hunting Roberta) so that the US judicial authority would not get involved with The Golden Triangle, a major drug production site. Rock's own goal was to save Garcia and destroy the Roanapur underworld by getting the US military involved, as an act of revenge for all the people the town had led to ruin and those he was unable to save. Roberta emerged from the jungle, meeting up with Garcia, Fabiola and Lt. Shane. Garcia wouldn't let her get her revenge, as he felt this wouldn't redeem her. Instead, he shot Lt. Shane. Roberta flew into a delusional rage, but stopped when Garcia pointed his gun at her. He told her that if she believed his bullet would not harm her. He fired a blank and Roberta reflexively fired back hitting him in the gut. As Shane got up (he was uninjured), Garcia offered to help Roberta with her sins. He also said that Shane had already "died" and there was no point of killing him again. Back on the Black Lagoon, Fabiola raged at Rock for manipulating Garcia into playing "Cambodian roulette"(as there was no gaurantee Roberta wouldn't have killed him when she reflexively fired back) and states that she never wants to see him or that town again and to enjoy his waltz with the dead. In the US, Eda contacted a superior at Langley, who told her about that they would have full jurisdiction over the case. And back in Roanapur, months later, nothing had changed. Chan had in fact sent the Lagoon Company bonus money for a job well done. Rock laments that nothing has changed in Roanapur despite his plan succeeding and states that somwhere on this planet someone outdid him and that he can't save anyone.
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