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The Adventures of the Mole(1957)

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Created by Czech director and animator Zdeněk Miler in 1956, Krtek, or The Mole in English, was an international hit with children. Because the cartoons were presented with no dialogue, Krtek was held to no national boundaries. Milers daughter voiced the noises and grunts that Krtek made, and gave Miler the feedback from a child's perspective he needed to keep his stories focus on his young fans.

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Seasons & Episodes

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Season 1 : 1957 61 Episodes

EP0 How The Mole Got His Pants... Jan 01, 1957

EP2 The Mole and the Car Jan 01, 1963

EP3 The Mole and the Rocket Jan 01, 1966

EP4 The Mole and the Transistor Set Jan 01, 1968

EP5 The Mole and the Chewing Gum Jan 01, 1969

EP6 The Mole and the Green Star Jan 01, 1969

EP7 The Mole in a Zoo Jan 01, 1969

EP8 The Mole as a Gardener Jan 01, 1969

EP9 The Mole and the Hedgehog Jan 01, 1970

EP10 The Mole and the Lollipop Jan 01, 1970

EP11 The Mole and the TV Jan 01, 1970

EP12 The Mole and the Umbrella Jan 01, 1971

EP13 The Mole as a Painter Jan 01, 1972

EP14 The Mole and the Music Jan 01, 1974

EP15 The Mole and the Telephone Jan 01, 1974

EP16 The Mole and the Matchbox Jan 01, 1974

EP17 The Mole as a Chemist Jan 01, 1974

EP18 The Mole and the Bulldozer Jan 01, 1975

EP19 The Mole and the Carpet Jan 01, 1975

EP20 The Mole and the Egg Jan 01, 1975

EP21 The Mole as Photographer Jan 01, 1975

EP22 The Mole as Watchmaker Jan 01, 1975

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