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Postman Pat(1981)

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Postman Pat is a British stop-motion animated children's television series first produced by Woodland Animations. It is aimed at pre-school children, and concerns the adventures of Pat Clifton, a postman in the fictional village of Greendale. Postman Pat′s first 13-episode series was screened on BBC1 in 1981. John Cunliffe wrote the original treatment and scripts, and it was directed by animator Ivor Wood, who also worked on The Magic Roundabout, Paddington Bear, and The Herbs. Following the success of the first series, and that of several TV specials in between, a second series of 13 episodes was produced by the same crew in 1996. Here, Pat had a family for the first time. A new version of the series has been produced by Cosgrove Hall from 2004, which expanded on many aspects of the original series. For the first time in the programme's history, Postman Pat was no longer sponsored by the Royal Mail, which previously had used the show as a marketing vehicle for them. This link was dropped in November 2000, with the Royal Mail spokesman saying the character no longer fitted in with the company's "corporate image". Subsequent to this decision, Postman Pat became an employee of the fictional Special Delivery Service.

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Season 5 : 2006 28 Episodes

EP1 Postman Pat And The Bollywood Dance Feb 09, 2006

EP2 Postman Pat And The Stolen Strawberries Feb 10, 2006

EP3 Postman Pat And The Pot of Gold Feb 13, 2006

EP4 Postman Pat And The Greendale Knights Feb 13, 2006

EP7 Postman Pat And The Incredible Inventions Feb 17, 2006

EP8 Postman Pat And The Go-Kart Race Feb 20, 2006

EP10 Postman Pat's Pony Post Feb 22, 2006

EP11 Postman Pat's Clifftop Adventure Feb 23, 2006

EP12 Postman Pat's Lost Property Feb 24, 2006

EP13 Postman Pat And The Talking Cat Feb 27, 2006

EP14 Postman Pat And The Hedgehog Hideaway Feb 28, 2006

EP22 Postman Pat's Big Boat Adventure Mar 10, 2006

EP23 Postman Pat's Holiday Hobbies Mar 13, 2006

EP25 Postman Pat's Fun Run Mar 15, 2006

EP26 Postman Pat's Spy Mission Mar 16, 2006

EP27 Postman Pat's Ice'Capade Mar 17, 2006

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