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Tarzan is an American television series that premiered on October 5, 2003 on The WB. Based on the Tarzan series by Edgar Rice Burroughs, this TV series was set in New York City, depicting a modern-day adaptation on Burroughs' characters. The series was canceled after eight episodes.

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If you can suspend your disbelief for some of the oddities in CGI / animal behaviour / lack of plot subtleties / distorted history then it is fine. Really dont understand what Samuel L Jacksons character was doing in the film apart from be around to shoot things. Scenery and some of the effects were amazing. I could listen to Djimon Hounsou talk forever. Tarzan had great physicality and presence on screen most of the time, but again the leading lady is so skinny she looks out of place in the action running scenes. Decent film to watch with the family.

John R. Wade:
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Note to the cast: Sack your agent.

However did they get a generally credible cast to sign up for this stinker, or was it all wrecked in post production? So much about this turkey is wrong.

Just don't.

I really liked the movie even though in the beginning I was a bit 'no not another tarzan movie again..' but it proved to be different with a unique story twist, all characters were great and for me acting was great too, the only thing was scenery has been described by other viewers as amazing but I think it was all made in the studio, none of it is actually true, I read that there was some shootings of Africa from the air before the actual film making began none of the action is actually filmed in Africa, which is a shame as older versions of Tarzan had the beauty of the actual scenery...
in the end of the day, it's a Tarzan movie and can only offer some good quality relaxing time with family...

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