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The Vampire Diaries(2009)

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The story of two vampire brothers obsessed with the same girl, who bears a striking resemblance to the beautiful but ruthless vampire they knew and loved in 1864.

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I, somewhat reluctantly, give this three stars because I keep coming back and watching the next season. It is really a love story (a rather tedious one) with vampires thrown in. The vampires seem to be a bit of a gimmick. It is this uncertainty about what it is meant to be that makes this show so frustrating!

Elena is always saying: "Oh Stefan!" in that judgie, preachy way of hers. She is very annoying (the actress is good but the character is irritating). Catherine is a much more interesting character but Elena is meant to be goodness personified and that is torture for her and us! Stefan is also endowed with "holier than thou" qualities.

In fact it reminds me of Will and Grace; the main characters are annoying but the others carry the show.

The sad thing is there are some very good ideas here. Vampire Diaries has some very interesting plot twists and a lot of potentially excellent characters. Damon is a brilliant character and superbly played by the sexy Mr. Somerhalder. The other male parts are pretty good too. But the females are predictable (naggy and bossy), two dimensional, and must be a real pain for the actresses who play them! If they could be freed from gender-drudgery, the females would sparkle like some of the males.

Unfortunately, ultimately everything is sacrificed on the alter of the on again - off again love story that is so extremely boring! The same things happen again and again. People die and then are brought back to life time after time! In the end one stops worrying about any of the characters as there is no danger at all!

But as I said, I keep coming back for more so... And I am in love with Tyler!

I got this as after reading song reviews on Youtube from the series. Though the Vampire thing has, (Excuse the pun) been done to death it is well put together and though in the beginning I got bored with it I stuck it out and was rewarded by some nice little twists which will keep you watching. Got to say in the beginning I thought Damon (one of the Brothers) was a total knob and I hated the sight of him but that is fantastic acting. Sometimes I was all for the Vamps the next I was for the Townsfolk and I would not mind being turned by Kelly Hu as she is a babe. The only nag I have about these type of Vampire stories is the age of the Vampire compared to the love interest in which the Male lead as the Vampire is pretending to be a tennager and the girl who IS a teen "Hmmm" not sure what to make of that really. But basically just put your brain away and enjoy what is a bit a escapism for a while but for me can't it be the girl who is far older than the boy for once??

Avada Kedavra:
I heard people saying it's not like the book, they changed everything and yes they have it's very little on the book, I only see faint lines or snippets of bits from the books. The only thing they kept are the characters names, which I was surprised about Elena I would pronounce her name 'Ellena' not 'Elaina' Whether this is genuinely how her name is or not I am not 100% certain.

Wrong characters:
Elena is described as a beautiful girl with pale skin, long blonde hair, Lapis Lazuli (dark blue eyes) and we get Nina Dobrev?? Hmm not true to form AT ALL.
Damon's eyes are the incorrect colour but I'm not going to fuss over that.
Bonnie is COMPLETELY different to book Bonnie in looks and personality.
Caroline looks the way she should (almost) but her personality is nothing like the books, she is like some stupid little giggly girl that loves everything and everyone especially Bonnie and Elena.... in the books she was nothing like that.

The series follows very, VERY loosely on the books but it is a good series and if you are picky about books and films matching then this might not be for you but if you don't care then go for it. It's an entertaining series I won't lie and it's much cheaper here than anywhere else too.

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